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Cylindrical Grinders-Hydraulic Series - G27-55AGC Cylindrical Grinders-Hydraulic Series - G27-75H Cylindrical Grinders-Hydraulic Series - G30-100AGC
Swing over table: 270mm
Center distance: 550mm
Wheel size: 405mm
Swing over table: 270mm
Center distance: 750mm
Wheel size: 405mm
Swing over table: 300mm
Center distance: 1000mm
Wheel size: 405mm

*All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Note: 1. Specifications marked by "*" is not suitable for M Type. Those marked by "#" are not suitable for M Type and A Type.
  2. Workheads driven by 3/4 HP Disco motors are available on models G27-55, G35-55, G27-75 and G35-75.
Spindle speed: 30~150/ 90~500rpm.
Special Note
  All machines with 355mm wheel can swivel +/-15°. Only 270mm swing machine with 405mm wheel cannot swivel +/-15°, 300, 350, and 380mm swing machines with 405mm wheel can swivel +/-15°.
M: Manual table traverse and wheel-head cross feed.
A: Hydraulic table traverse and manual wheel-head cross feed.
H: "A"with wheel-head rapid approach and retraction as well as manual wheel-head cross feed.
AGC: "H"with wheel-head rapid approach and retraction as well as auto wheel-head cross feed.
DAS: Automatic sizing device for"AGC".
Custom orders are welcome to meet your specific production requirements.
Standard Accessories

  1.Extractor 1 set 7.Tool box 1 set
  2.Wheel balancing arbor 1 set
  a.Dial indicator 1 pc
  b.Oil can 1 pc
  c.Screwdriver(flathead) 1 pc
  d.Screwdriver(philips) 1 pc
  e.Zigzag open wrench #19 1 pc
  f.Open wrench 6 pcs
  g.Hex. key wrench 10 pcs
  h.Diamond dresser 1 pc
  3.Tungsten carbide full center 2 pcs
  4.Lubricant supply unit 1 set
  5.Dressing holder 1 set
  6.Table swiveling angle measuring device 1 set
  8.Grinding wheel and wheel flange 1 set
  9.Standard coolant supply unit 1 set
  10.Coolant splash guard 1 set
  11.Operator's manual, parts manual, and inspection report 1 set    
Optional Accessories
A101 Internal grinding attachment
A well designed I.D. grinding attachment mounted on wheelhead for easy operation.

Grinding range
Inner Diameter
Grinding length
A Microfeed dresser for Internal grinding attachment
B Complete I.D. spindle set

a.I.D. spindle 1 pc
b.Quills 3 pcs
c.Adapter with collet (Ø6 mm) 1 set
d.I.D. grinding wheel 3 pcs
e.Zigzag open wrench #36 1 pc

A102 Double-shoe steady rest A108 Angle dresser A114 Swing down manual sizing gauge
A103 Triple-shoe steady rest A109 Radius dresser A115 Microfeeder for wheelhead
A104 Scroll chuck and plate (5 or 6) A110 Wheel balancing stand A116 Work rest (2pcs/set)
A105 Magnetic chuck and plate (6) A111 Spare wheel flange A117 Hydraulic tailstock
A106 Magnetic coolant separator A112 Tungsten carbide half center A118 5C collet chuck
A107 Paper filter A113 Automatic dog set (6 pcs/set)